Lost Creek Llamas began in 1985 with the purchase of one classic llama, a second llama boarder, and a vision — to produce the finest pack llamas possible, and to never stop learning about llamas.

In 1986 we returned to Oregon and moved onto 20 acres south of Dexter. For many years, our herd waxed and waned, at first in response to requests to train extra-difficult llamas and then an exponentially increasing stream of unwanted (and usually untrained) llamas who were dumped in droves when the overpriced investment breeder driven market predictably collapsed.

Today our permanent llama family numbers just over twenty; that total includes a few rescued llamas who remain with us for life. We also have a few "student llamas" in training. We are truly fortunate to be able to keep in touch with a number of former residents happily placed in suitable homes.

Our breeding program for high-performance Classic llama athletes consists of the very best performing outcross Classic llamas we could locate that were available for purchase. We have been pleased with the results thus far, as are those who've been fortunate enough to pass muster as the new caretakers of the very few llamas we've so carefully produced and trained.

We continue to amass information from every source available, conduct our own research, and we daily strive to delve into the less tangible and yet supremely important realm of our llamas' minds. As a result of our ongoing efforts to truly understand llamas as they are, we are able to offer you this evolving website, books and seminars through Lost Creek Llamaprints, and the ever-improving Get Connected! workshops.

We cordially invite you to browse through our website, get to know about our llama friends, get the straight scoop on a few sacred subjects, and glean information — some of which you aren't likely to find anywhere else.

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