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Hi Trl Longmire

ILR # 289697

male  b. 09.04.2016

Hi Trl Commander Spock x BBR Malinda

Longmire is a happy-go-lucky comedian with energy that spouts off like a geyser and a brain that sees everything in the world as fascinating and important to investigate!

Longmire has a strong physique, good structure, muscling and bone, and many generations of successful packers behind him. He's also the type that just never holds a grudge against anyone, llama or human.

Longmire's coat has desirably low density, but the long guard hair combined with Longmire's active (even somewhat ADD) outlook means that although combing out the undercoat is possible, it takes considerable patience and savvy. To make grooming and cleanup for packing easier on everyone, we treat Longmire as a traditional k'ara llama and shear him.

We greatly value the genes Longmire brings forward from the past. He is the last offspring of his sire, who in turn was the last male offspring of his own sire, Big T — a big-boned stud born in 1980 whom we were very impressed with when we met him in person back in 1984. Longmire is also his dam's final offspring, born when she was 21 years old, and she is still up on her pasterns and totally sound at age 25.

Because we now have so many other talented males to choose from, we can see that we won't use Longmire very often for breeding. We have decided the best path forward for Longmire and his valuable genes is to sell Longmire to a committed (preferably busy!) packing-and-breeding home. We will retain co-ownership on his registration and some future breeding rights. As of summer 2020, we do have a potential trade pending, but in case that does not work out, please feel free to inquire if you are interested in Longmire.

Another "theme" name from Highline Trail Llamas — 2016 males were named for tough western characters; "Longmire" refers to fictional character Walt Longmire, sheriff of equally fictional Absorka County in Wyoming; sons of Longmire's sire (Spock) were generally given surnames alone as their names.

Longmire isn't much like his namesake at all. :-)