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Hi Trl Longmire

ILR # 289697

male  b. 09.04.2016

Hi Trl Commander Spock x BBR Malinda

Longmire is a character with endless energy that spouts off like a geyser! Gwen is working with him with the goal of having maturity and self-control to come about together — Longmire does need to learn control for everyone's safety, yet we don't want to stifle his energy and enthusiasm, nor deny him the joy of his youth. Longmire is mighty fond of "llama cookies", and (duh) hates to stand still for too long. He also has more than a bit of an ADD outlook: Hey, cookies! ... Look, a squirrel! ... What's that thing over there? ... Where was I going?

Longmire certainly has many generations of successful packers behind him. We expect him to excel on the trail once he's old enough to put his mind into working. The prospect of having all that energy harnessed to some packing gear in a few years is certainly compelling. Longmire's one significant drawback is his mid-length marginally-classic coat. Although the exact quality of shed is difficult to determine for another year yet — when a llama has a "sticky" baby coat, we avoid shearing, but also don't rip it out (we allow it to shed in its own time — it's clear that Longmire's coat will not be ideal.

Longmire and his yearmate Duke arrived very much bonded, and they've remained good buddies (at least for now — they're both intact males, and testosterone has a way of destroying those relationships). They're a good team, each with different strengths. Longmire is the happy-go-lucky comedian of the pair — life is meant to be enjoyed! Longmire believes Joey's arrival proves there IS a Santa Claus — everybody else here (including Duke) is too serious for Longmire, but in Joey, Longmire has a match for his energy and desire to play, play, play.

Longmire is an outcross to most of our breeding herd. How many of our females would be best paired with Longmire remains to be seen — Longmire's goofy disposition makes him harder to evaluate accurately while he's still immature, and of course there is the matter of whether he really has a classic coat or not.

Regardless of Longmire's exact place in our own breeding program, we greatly value the genes he brings forward from the past. He is the last offspring of his sire, who in turn was the last male offspring of his own sire, Big T — a llama born in 1980 that we were then (and remain now) impressed with when we met him in person.

Another "theme" name from Highline Trail Llamas — 2016 males were named for tough western characters; "Longmire" refers to fictional character Walt Longmire, sheriff of equally fictional Absorka County in Wyoming; sons of his sire (Spock) were generally given surnames alone as their names. We find the name awkward, but Longmire knows his name and so he keeps it.