Our Llama Family

We know each of our llamas as unique individuals. Each has different talents, needs, and desires. Those of our llama family who are nonbreeders are just as unique and special to us as those who have been selected to be the most likely to produce outstanding classic performance llamas, and we strive to make the lives of those who are breeding as full and enjoyable as if they were nonbreeding companion llamas. And, for those who have had a rough start in their lives (such as the rescues) or for those who just have a different perspective on what constitutes a "good" life, we accommodate, learn from, and even celebrate those individual differences.

Breeding and nonbreeding llamas are separated below (with breeding llamas separated by sex) for the convenience of those looking specifically at what we're using for breeding stock. They're all family to us; that's why they're otherwise in alphabetical order.

Our ongoing inspiration

Ranger Dusty


Studs and stud prospects

Lost Creek Ranger Koa Lost Creek Ranger Scioty Lost Creek Troubadour
Rocky Mountain Highlight  

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Breeding females and female breeding prospects

Eagles Nest Graehawke Hi Trl Fiona Hi Trl Miranda
Lost Creek Cinder Lost Creek Klahowya Lost Creek Ranger Ceilidh
Lost Creek Ranger Cricket Lost Creek Ranger Gaiya Lost Creek Ranger Tokatee
Lost Creek Sagehopper Lost Creek Teewinot  

Unless listed otherwise below, our breeding quality females are not for sale.


Nonbreeders — growing, working, fiber production, or retired

Lost Creek Aldwyn Lost Creek Cinder Lost Creek Elahn
Lost Creek Ranger Arikaree Lost Creek Ranger Kilchis Lost Creek Ranger Psallite
Lost Creek Ranger Taos Luka SpiritWeaver Rocky Mountain Dazzle
Rocky Mountain Greymist

Some of these animals are immature, and may move to another category (such as "prospective breeding" or "available") in the future. Check each animal's individual page for clarification and projections (be sure to remember that "life is what happens while we're busy making other plans" — a projection of future availability is not a promise!).



Lost Creek Saucony
10-year-old nonbreeder female; experienced packer

12-year-old nonbreeder female; started packer


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Experienced, green, and some started packers are priced with pack saddles included.

Please see the "for sale" page for more information, and be sure to read the "fine print"!


In Memoriam

Lessons and memories, all unique individuals. Listed in the order of their departure.

Nubin Nubin Nubin Denali Lost Creek Three-Fingered Jack
Waldo Lost Creek Ranger Logan Lost Creek Ranger Soopaka
Orcas Island Lummi Andrew Jackson Lost Creek Ranger Taiga
Snowfall Hyder Llamas Sahalie Billllama
Poppy Too Maggie and Lacy Lost Creek Ranger Apikuni
Snake River Dallys Snake River Morgan Ranger Dusty
Gold'n Hawk Orcas Island Klickitat Lost Creek Ranger Toiyabe
Sky Rocket Lost Creek Ranger Owyhee Nubin Sydney
Zorra JD's Cappuccino Joey Medicine Eagle
Lost Creek Ranger Shuksan Lost Creek Ranger Olallie Megan Summer Socks
Spokane River Kokanee