Classic Llama Stud Service

Lost Creek Llamas currently provides
Stud Service to the following Classic males:

Lost Creek Troubadour

Troubadour is available by private treaty only. Contact us by email to discuss your situation and goals.

"Private treaty" means the terms vary according to the situation — the number of females involved, whether we can (and want to) breed to a stud you own during the same time period, who is going to deal with the bother of the actual breedings, transportation, and other variables.

"Private treaty" does NOT mean "if you have to ask, you can't afford it." It means that in a world where true, working Classic llamas are scarce, genetic backgrounds often too similar within a geographical region, and distances between farms significant, every situation is so different that a set pricing structure is not practical.

Up and coming!

Hi Trl Longmire

Hi Trl The Duke

Longmire and Duke both possess decent Classic coats and represent multiple generations of the real-deal original classic gene pool. After they are mature, trail-proven, and proven as breeders, we anticipate offering them at stud by private treaty. (See above for what "private treaty" means ... and does not mean!) Our projection is that Duke may be available for stud service beginning in 2021 or 2022; Longmire will likely be one additional year later than Duke.


llamaprints bar on white

We used to enthusiastically provide links to other farms' proven working Classic studs, but have stopped doing so for a number of reasons.

• A search for "classic llama stud" on the internet will now yield many hits, some of which will actually be Classic llamas (even though most are still NOT Classic, a current search is still more useful than possibly outdated links).

• People who can accurately identify Classic llamas therefore don't need us to help them find a "short list" of potentially good Classic studs.

• People who can't accurately identify Classic llamas will typically be turned down by those we would recommend, so we'll let everyone share in that dirty work!