Llamas with special needs

Young (growing) llamas

Llamas between weaning and maturity benefit from enhanced nutrition and sound management choices throughout their distinct developmental stages. There are also some important milestones to be aware of, and to respond to.

Senior llamas

Recommendations and proven practices to keep your llamas' senior years productive, comfortable, and happy. The exact age at which a llama becomes a "senior" varies with their genetic background and prior care.

Working llamas

Pack llamas and harness llamas

Male llamas

Age-specific housing and management options for the wide range of intact male dispositions seen in llamas today.

Gelded male and spayed female llamas

Management tips plus one cheap and easy step to keep pasterns strong and sound for life

Rescued llamas

Every situation is different; diagnostic triage will help narrow down the steps to take.

Pregnant llamas and breeding llamas (male and female)

Common-sense nutritional care and management