Llama breeding information pages

Information for the thinking, ethical breeder

The straight scoop about breeding llamas

Make the choice with your eyes open!

Congenital defects

A brief overview of birth defects that occur in llamas

Breeding age for female llamas

When they can get pregnant (but shouldn't, and why); optimal production years

Breeding age for male llamas

When they can successfully impregnate (but shouldn't, and why); optimal production years

Nutritional needs of breeding llamas

From preparation for breeding through weaning

Planning a breeding operation

Housing, facilities, and management considerations specific to a llama breeding operation, from one or two females using outside stud service to a self-contained farm

Sustainable breeding choices

How to evaluate and plan breedings without painting your herd into a genetic corner ... and how to NOT get suckered into the bottom end of an MLM-type plan

Llama reproductive facts and fiction

Current knowledge gained from 30+ years of sorting truth from widely-shared half-truths and myth-understandings