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An Annotated List of Literature

About or Related to Llamas

Most of the books listed here that are still in print can be ordered through your local bookstore; some can also be ordered directly from the publisher. Some of the llama books, as well as many of the non-lama books, are available from Amazon.com and other online booksellers.

THIS PAGE: Llama Books

General . . . Medical . . . Poisonous Plants . . . Training
Llama Packing . ...Driving Llamas in Harness .. LLlama Showing . . . Llamas as Guardians
Alpacas . . . Llama Wool and Fiber Use
Informational Children's Books . . . Children's Stories . . . Fiction for Older Children
Fiction for Adults . . . . . . Nonfiction for Adults

Page Two: Llama Videos, Magazines, Chat Lists, and Organizations
Lama Magazines and Periodicals
. . . Magazine Articles about Llamas
Llama Chat Lists
National Lama Organizations

Page Three: Useful Nonllama Resources
Health and Care . . . Performance . . . Biomechanics, Gaits, and Scaling
Hiking and Packing
. . . Animal-Assisted Therapy . . . Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Welfare
Training Philosopy
. . . Animal Intelligence and Mental Nature
. . . Communicating with Animals

Page Four: Our Recommended Reading and Resource List


Speechless Brothers -- Andy Tillman, Early Winters Press, © 1981

Some information is dated. Out of print.


Animal Breeding and Production of American Camelids -- Rigoberto Calle Escobar, Talleres Gaficos de Abril, © 1984

A compilation of technical information for South American alpaca breeders. Very little information on llamas, also derogatory of guanacoes. Inaccuracies and dated information on North American stock and breeding practices.


Best of 3L Llama -- Llamas Magazine, © 1985

A condensation of the earliest issues (1-20) of what is now Llamas Magazine. Those back issues are no longer available. Some information not otherwise readily accessible, and of interest from a historical perspective.


Living with Llamas -- Rosanna Hart, Juniper Ridge Press, © 1985

The first section is an account of how the Harts got involved with llamas and is very encouraging for those with no large animal experience. The second section is "practical information."


Making the Most of Your Llama -- Cathy Crisman & Linda Beattie, Kopacetic Ink, © 1987

Booklet that attempts to cover too much in too little space. Recommends dangerous practices.


The Flocks of the Wamani -- Flannery, Marcus, and Reynolds, Academic Press, © 1989

Wonderful resource detailing modern llama herders' lives, practices, and customs.


Llamas are the Ultimate -- Doyle Markham, Snake River Llamas, © 1990

Subtitled Training, Feeding, Packing, Hunting, Fishing, and Care. Emphasis on do-it-young and do-it-the-easiest-way.


Llamas--An Introduction to Care, Training, and Handling -- Sandi Burt, Alpine Publications, © 1991

Covers general care and training overview.


What About Conformation? -- Wes Holmquist, The Llama Connection, © 1991

Booklet compilation of published articles and the author's observations.


Classic 2000 Llama Directory -- Wes Holmquist, The Llama Connection, © 1994

Compilation of articles, many previously published. List of "Classic 2000" registry animals (a height registry -- not to be confused with classic llamas).


Lama Registry Book, Volume 1 -- International Lama Registry, The Llama Link, © 1994

A stud book listing llamas 45499 through 61098, parentage, offspring to date, and date of birth.


In Search of the Ideal Llama: The Field Guide -- Maggie and Richard Krieger, © 1994

Print version of the video by the same title and authors; deals with universally desirable soundness traits only.


Gold of the Andes: The Llamas, Alpacas, Vicuñas and Guanacos of South America (two volumes) -- Ochoa, MacQuarrie and Portus, trans. Martinez, Francis O. Patthey and sons, © 1994

Beautiful (and spendy); many photos.


Llamas and Alpacas as a Metaphor for Life -- Marty McGee, Clay Press, © 1994

Mostly photos with some introspective text by the author. The photo captions tend to be inaccurate reflections of llama nature.


Lama Down Under -- Berry Carter, Agmedia, © 1996

Of historical interest. First details the history of lama farming in Australia followed by a general section on lama raising. That the chapter on reproduction is longer than, and precedes, chapters on feeding, diseases, and routine care says a lot. North American readers may be confused by Aussie terminology, and certainly the lama "underpopulation" in Australia bears no resemblance the current North American situation.


A Guide to Raising Llamas -- Gale Birutta, Storey Publishing, © 1997

Structured around the highly outdated philosophy of maximum llama multiplication and the allure of future profit.


So, You Share Your Life with a Llama ... What Now? -- Susan Peterson, Pine Grove Publishing, © 2002

The high proportions of both oversimplification and misinformation makes this text a very dangerous one. That the chapters on breeding and crias precede those on training and grooming also speaks volumes.


A veterinary dictionary is a useful companion volume to any of the technical veterinary texts.

Llama First Aid for the Barn -- Joy Morris and Myra Freeman, © 1988

A good percentage of this slim volume is devoted to neonatal (birthing and newborn) care.


Heat Stress-Prevention, Management and Treatment in Llamas -- Myra Freeman, © 1988

A non-technical pamphlet on heat stress.


Llamas CAN Beat the Heat -- Dottie Rotter, R & R Press, © 1991

Small booklet that focuses on prevention.


Caring for Llamas-A Health and Management Guide -- Clare Hoffman, DVM & Ingrid Asmus, Rocky Mountain Lama Association, © 1989, second edition (titled Caring for Llamas and Alpacas) © 1996 . . . . ** * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

The most complete book on basic llama care currently available to the layperson. Recently revised.


Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids -- Murray E. Fowler, DVM, Iowa State University Press, © 1989, second edition © 1998

A medical text for veterinarians and veterinary students.


The Veterinary Clinics of North America: March 1989 - Llama Medicine -- W. B. Saunders Company

Technical articles of medical interest; out of print


The Veterinary Clinics of North America: July 1994 - Update on Llama Medicine -- W. B. Saunders Company

Technical articles of medical interest; out of print


First Aid for Llamas and Alpacas -- Murray E. Fowler, DVM and Audrey C. Fowler, Clay Press, © 1995 . . . . ** * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

Best and most complete reference on the topic in print.


Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care -- Bradford B. Smithm DVM, Karen I. Timm, DVM, and Patrick O. Long, DVM, Clay Press, © 1996

Aimed at breeders only; firmly entrenched in the old philosophy of "breed 'em as soon and as often as you can."


Llama Babies: Up, Dry & Nursing -- Barbara Norris Anderson, A+ Llamas, © 1996

For breeders. Not intended to be a medical reference, but does contain useful information IF you are willing to search for it.


Veterinary Lama Field Manual -- C. Norman Evans, DVM, Lama Wellness Service, © 1997

Self-published loose-bound volume aimed at practicing veterinarians.


The Merck Veterinary Manual, 8th edition -- Merck & Co., © 1998

Revised to include llamas and alpacas (among other species). Lama-specific information lags behind current knowledge, but the general information is a sound background for the owner who would like to become better informed.


All About Llamas: A Guide to Breeding, Birthing, and Newborn Care -- Taylor/Gavin Communications, © 2001

A summary of the video by the same title. Outdated information and popular misinformation abound; the gems aren't easily identified ... unless your knowledge already surpasses this outline.


Llama and Alpaca Husbandry and Medical Care -- Suzi and Robert J. Pollard, DVM, © 2002

Self-published collection of handouts. Fairly regional-specific (central California). The "homeopathy" section is not helpful, and seems very out-of-place in a text that recommends extreme medication, inoculation, and prophylactic measures.


2003 Winter Camelid Conference for Veterinarians -- New England Animal Health Institute, © 2003

Unlike some conference proceedings, the material stands alone.

Poisonous Plants

A general plant identification text should be used in combination with any toxic plant book.

Poisonous Plants of the United States and Canada -- JM Kingsbury, Prentice-Hall, © 1964

THE reference for information on plants dangerous to all livestock (unfortunately predates the popularity of llamas). Out of print.


Know Your Poisonous Plants -- Wilma Roberts James, Naturegraph Publishers, © 1973

A popular reference for years; toxicity information is primarily on humans.


Poisonous Plants ... which may be dangerous to llamas or other livestock -- Mount Lehman Llamas

A handy compilation of information contained in other works; drawings of each plant.


A Reference Guide To Poisonous Plants -- ed. Linda Hoyt, GALA, © 1995

Pocket-sized reference to eastern US toxic plants.


Field Guide to Plants Poisonous to Livestock -- Shirley A. Weathers, Rosebud Press, © 1998

Handy 4.25 x 8.5" book; refers to llamas and alpacas, but does not add much lama-specific knowledge to the available literature. Probably the most complete and useful source currently in print.


Llama Training--Who's In Charge? -- Jim Faiks, Phyllis Tozier and Jan Faiks-Lyon, Faiks Llama Farm, © 1984 (2nd ed)

Covers a broader scope of animals (includes adult llamas and select problem situations) than most training books. Includes a chapter on driving training.


Llama Training on Your Own -- Helen Bodington, Polite Pets, © 1986

Thorough treatment of basic training procedures, applicable for normal, unhandled weanlings and yearlings.


Llama Handling and Training--the TTEAM Approach -- Marty McGee with Linda Tellington-Jones, Zephyr Farm Press, © 1992

A very popular "pre-packaged" beginner method.


Llamas and Their Personalities And Expressions -- Bill Cushman, © 1993

Title is misleading; text is unclear.


The Waldo Chronicles -- A Training Log -- Gwen Ingram, Lost Creek Llamaprints, © 1996
. . . . * * * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

True story of an unwanted, untrained llama's transformation into a valued packer, show animal, and companion. Enjoyable reading even if you are not interested in training.


A Well-Trained Llama -- 3rd Edition -- Betty Barkman, © 1999

Like the second edition (published in 1989), this is now almost completely unrelated to the first edition -- entirely basic training, with better editing and a gentler approach.


Ruminations from the Back Forty -- John Mallon, John Mallon Clinics, © 2003

A hodgepodge of training tips, philosophical "sound bites", and basic farm sense. If you've never had large animals before, this could be invaluable for you. If you already have a lot of large animal savvy, it's way overpriced.

Llama Packing

Packing with Llamas -- Stanlynn Daugherty, Juniper Ridge Press, © 1989

An overview for those interested in learning about llama packing.


Introduction to Llama Packing -- Wes Holmquist, © 1989

A small booklet of tips for llama packing.


Llamas on the Trail -- David Harmon and Amy S. Rubin, Mountain Press Publishing Co., © 1992

Fairly comprehensive except for pack selection.


Evaluating a Llama Pack for Comfort and Function -- Gwen Ingram, Lost Creek Llamaprints, © 1995 . . . . * * * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

Most comprehensive treatment of the subject in print; also includes information on saddling and fitting.


Llama Packing with Rudy -- Rudy Stauffer, © 2000

This 30-page booklet contains outdated information and potentially dangerous misinformation, both of which are impossible for the target audience (new and prospective llama packers) to separate from "the good stuff." Sadly, the original sections of the text do not convey any gems from the author's extensive experience.

Driving Llamas in Harness

Llama Driving -- Ron Shinnick, Able Publishing, © not shown

A thin (64p) booklet that combines common-sense basics, a few harmful practices (such as driving llamas too young), and a large dollop of marketing propaganda (primarily the midguided notion that your "extra" llamas -- and alpacas! -- should be trained to drive to attract novelty buyers and higher selling prices). Expensive for the size and without much llama-specific information, but if you have no other driving manuals, this will certainly get you started.

For greater understanding of fundamentals and practices complimentary to driving your lifelong companions for the sheer enjoyment and physical benefits, we recommend Carriage Driving.


Showmanship and Halter Class Competition -- Averill Abott, © 1986, 1987

Basic training goals and general procedures developing for showmanship, which is also applicable to effective halter class handling.


The Llama Show Handbook -- Sonja Moe, © 1990

The publisher's literature indicates that it is strictly a handbook for putting on shows, and does not discuss showing llamas.


Performance Classes: A Manual for Designing Obstacles -- Howard Kerstetter, Alpaca and Llama Show Association, © 1995

Potentially useful for performance class preparation. Some obstacles and activities listed are controversial for various reasons, including safety, and may be altered or deleted.

Llamas as Guardians

Guard Llamas -- William L. Franklin, Iowa State University Extension, © 1994

Booklet; candid information backed with statistics


Secrets of the Andean Alpaca: The Field Guide -- Maggie and Richard Krieger, © 1994

Print version of the video by the same title and authors


The Alpaca Book: Management, Biology, and Fiber -- Eric Hoffman and Murray E. Fowler, DVM, Clay Press, © 1995

Handling practices and behavior descriptions leave a lot to be desired.

Llama Wool and Fiber Use

Spinning Llama and Alpaca -- Chris Switzer, Switzer Land Enterprises, © 1994
. . . . ** * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

Thin book packed with harvesting and spinning information specific to llama and alpaca fiber.


Aunt Millie's Guide to Llama Fiber -- Mike Brown, © 1997

The use of "two-l" llama in the title is no mistake. This thin book deals with llama fiber in the South American sense -- clearly double-coated fleeces. The information on managing animals for the production of clean fleece is applicable to all lamas. The post-shearing preparation and use tips are only for those who want to use the (by definition) inferior quality fleeces from crossbred llamas that must be shorn. No information on use of combed fiber from classic llamas.

Children's Books -- Informational

Llamas: Woolly, Winsome, Wonderful -- Susan L. Jones, © 1987

A photographic picture book with simple text and a short "adult" informational blurb in the back.


Llama -- Caroline Arnold, Morrow Junior Books , © 1988

Primarily color photos


Llamas -- Helen Kienlen and Lois Sandercock, © 1989

Simple text with color-pencil type drawings.


The Llama -- Gail LaBonte, Dillon Press, Inc., © 1989

Beautiful color photographs with text unfortunately researched from out-of-print (and outdated) predecessors


Llama Farms -- Lynn M. Stone, The Rourke Corporation © 1999

Nice color photos; unfortunately quite fiber-biased with no photos of packing, driving, or even showing llamas. Actually states that fiber and companion llamas are "more valued" (which they are not).

Children's Books -- Stories

My Little Llama -- Patricia May Hakkarinen, Wegner-Llama Lines, © 1984

Abigail -- Ruth M. Stephenson, © 1988

The Little Dirt Boy -- Patricia May Wegner, © 1989

Is Your Mama A Llama? -- Steven Kellogg, Scholastic Company, © 1989

Mountains to Climb -- Richard M. Wainwright, Family Life Publishing, © 1991

The Llama's Secret -- Argentina Palacios, Troll Associates, © 1993

Llama in Pajamas -- Gisela Voss, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, © 1994

If I Was A Llama -- Ann Madison, LRL Ventures

How Llama Saved the Day -- Retold by Janet Palazzo-Craig, Troll Associates, © 1996

Llarry the Llama Learns to Hike -- Diana Lyons, Maverick Publications, © 1996

Paradise Hill Farm -- Susan Lindsay and Lana Santamaria, Galapagos Books, © 1997

Alaska Llama Far North Hero -- Helen von Ammon, Doodlebug Books, © 1998

Llama Hiking with Katie -- Bob Wynia, © 1999 * * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

Hats on for Polka Dot -- Kathleen Sampson, The Robin Company, © 2000

Harley -- Star Livingstone, SeaStar Books, © 2001 * * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

Mama's Llamas -- Janice Kuharski, Richard C. Owen Publishers, © 2002

The Lavendar Llama -- Tandy Braid, Trafford, © 2003

Older Children -- Fiction

Secret of the Andes -- Ann Nolan Clark, Puffin Books, © 1952

Set in modern South America. Geared to junior high level, but a story that adults can also enjoy.


Along Came a Llama -- Ruth Janette Ruck, Weavers Press, © 1978

True, autobiographical story of an British family that acquired a llama as a pet. Charming -- and a horrible model for raising your own llama.


Llamas on the Loose -- Jeri Massi, Bob Jones University Press, © 1988

Mystery novel for junior high age group; Christian theme.


The Myth of the Llama; A Ghost at Horse Creek; & The Lesser Brother -- Jeri Massi, Llama Books, all three © 1989

Junior high age group


Nightmare Mountain -- Peg Kehret, Pocket Books, © 1989

A Llama in the Family -- Johanna Hurwitz, Morrow Junior Books, © 1994
. . . . ** * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

Llama Pajamas -- Susan Clymer, Scholastic, © 1996

Stop Spitting at Your Brother -- Diane White-Crane, Aspentree Press, © 1996

A Llama in the Library -- Johanna Hurwitz, Morrow Junior Books, © 1999
. . . . ** * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

Nowhere, Now Here -- Ann Howard Creel, American Girl, © 2000
. . . . ** * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

Sara Dares to Dream -- Susan Lindsay, Galapagos Books Press, © 2000

Llama on the Lam -- Jane Briggs-Bunting, Black River Trading Company, © 2001
. . . . ** * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

Fiction, adults

Montana Gold -- Northwest Adventures Afoot, Afloat, and with Llamas -- Fred Neil, Lost Creek Llamaprints, © 2003
. . . . ** * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

Llamas are integral to three of the five well-written short stories in this volume (in fact, they are the protagonists of the hilarious "Training with Llamas"). While you're engrossed in the entertaining prose, the interwoven portrayals of pack llamas do much to align your conscious and subconscious expectations with the reality of what llamas are really like, both at home and on the trail.

Non-fiction, adults

The Waldo Chronicles -- A Training Log -- Gwen Ingram, Lost Creek Llamaprints, © 1996
. . . . ** * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

True story of an unwanted, untrained llama's transformation into a valued packer, show animal, and companion. Enjoyable reading and valueable insights into llamas.


The (Mis)adventures of the Llamas at Hunter Hill -- Sharon Hubbard, Hunter Hill, © 2001
. . . . ** * * RECOMMENDED ! ! ! * * *

A delightful collection of true stories. The author conveys her llamas' intelligence, responsibility, sense of humor, and individuality very well.

This annotated list is not intended to be complete and comprehensive. Inclusion does not constitute endorsement; exclusion is not a criticism.

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