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An Annotated List of Literature

About or Related to Llamas

Most of the books listed here that are still in print can be ordered through your local bookstore; some can also be ordered directly from the publisher. Some of the llama books, as well as many of the non-lama books, are available from Amazon.com and other online booksellers.

Page One: Llama Books
General . . . Medical . . . Poisonous Plants . . . Training
Llama Packing
. ...Driving Llamas in Harness .. Llama Showing . . . Llamas as Guardians
. . . Llama Wool and Fiber Use
Informational Children's Books
. . . Children's Stories . . . Fiction for Older Children
Fiction for Adults
. . . . . . Nonfiction for Adults


THIS PAGE: Llama Videos, Magazines, Chat Lists, and Organizations


Lama Magazines and Periodicals . . . Magazine Articles about Llamas

Llama Chat Lists

National Lama Organizations


Page Three: Useful Nonllama Resources
Health and Care . . . Performance . . . Biomechanics, Gaits, and Scaling
Hiking and Packing
. . . Animal-Assisted Therapy . . . Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Welfare
Training Philosopy
. . . Animal Intelligence and Mental Nature
. . . Communicating with Animals


Click and Reward Volumes I & II -- Training for Llamas and Alpacas -- Jim and Amy Logan, Snow Ridge Llamas, © 1999

If you just can't seem to get consistent results when teaching simple tasks to your lamas or if you are a person who needs or just prefers to follow a method, this could be the resource for you. "Clicker" training clearly segregates and times cues, release commands, and rewards for you, the human (and the lama says "Whew, that scattered-brained human is finally making sense!"). Volume one is very basic; volume two is applied clicker training for more complex, practical tasks as well as tricks.

If you are already having good success teaching lamas on your own, you can pass on this set, although volume two can expand your understanding of the mechanics of timing, cues, releases, and rewards as well as having entertainment value.

Lama Magazines and Periodicals


The Alpaca Registry Journal

Magazine of the Alpaca Registry, Inc.



Magazine of the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association.


The Backcountry Llama 2857 Rose Valley Loop, Kelso, WA 98626

Newsletter-size publication exclusively about pack llamas and llama packing


Camelid Quarterly 70 MacEwan Ridge Place NW, Calgary, Alberta CANADA T3K 3M1

Canadian publication covering all four South American camelids. Content is broad and has international application; however, because there are fewer llamas in Canada, rescue and lama welfare receive no emphasis or exposure.


Llama Banner PO Box 1968, Manhattan, KS 66502

Full-color ads for in-fashion llamas, show results and some articles supporting the show, fad & fashion breeder propaganda


Llama Life II 5232 Blenheim Road, Charlottesville, VA 29902

General interest; includes an "outreach" (that's "PC" for rescue) section.

Major Magazine Articles about Llamas


Camels of the Clouds -- W.H. Hodge, National Geographic, May 1946

The High, Wild World of the Vicuna -- William L. Franklin, National Geographic, January 1973

Living with Guanacos -- William L. Franklin, National Geographic, July 1981

Some immigrant llamas thrive in home of forebears -- J. Fincher, Smithsonian, December 1979

An exotic creature makes a useful change in careers -- Barbara Holland, Smithsonian, August 1994

Llama chat lists

WARNING: Chat lists are a great way to fritter away time that could better be spent with your llamas (that's the primary reason we no longer subscribe to any listservers). They are also a great way to get a lot of dangerous misinformation disguised as "accepted fact." In fact, most chat lists ban specific individual llama enthusiasts who put llama welfare before human gratification so that profit-driven practices can be espoused without opposition -- sad, but all too true. And finally, chat lists can be a great way to watch adults behave like vindictive, mannerless children ... or a vigilante mob (many unable to support their position on a given subject usually resort to launching character attacks and those who have attacked the same character in the past rush to jump on the bandwagon)! Sign on to chat lists at your own -- and your llamas' -- risk.

We've stopped providing links to specific chat lists because so many now exist, and because our experience is that llama chat lists tend to attract all the wrong people -- newbies to llamas who actually want human conversation, and self-proclaimed experts who spend far more time with their computers on chat lists than they ever will with llamas (let alone learning about llamas ... and from them!).


National Lama Organizations

Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA)
1140 Manford Ave.
PO Box 1992
Estes Park, CO 80517-1992
Alpaca Registry, Inc (ARI)
PO Box 87
Kalispell, MT 59903
Alpaca and Llama Show Association (ALSA)
607 California Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15202
International Lama Registry (ILR)
PO Box 8
Kalispell, MT 59903
NOTE: The ILR now has it's own Show Division as well as the Lama Registry


Llama/Alpaca Information Day

Pre-purchase information and support for both new owners and adopters of rescued llamas!

Currently held in Bellingham, WA at the end of April each year.

Definitely one of the best sources for hands-on llama and alpaca care and general information you can get. Sponsored by donations of time and money by a whole group of people who put llamas and alpacas FIRST, so it's FREE!

This annotated list is not intended to be complete and comprehensive. Inclusion does not constitute endorsement; exclusion is not a criticism.

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