takoda photo

Takoda Peak


ILR # 294438

male  b. 07.19.2020

Slate Peak x Altairrs Eclipse

Takoda is a very confident young fellow with nearly all the traits we look for in pack prospects and breeding stock — excellent conformation, good muscling, great use of hindquarters, and a very sane mind. He is active, yet has self-control. What more could anyone want? Well, keep reading.

Takoda came from descendents of proven pack llamas that were turned out to fend for themselves when the owner lost interest. The llamas were rounded up and slowly brought back to health (at no small expense, and with considerable effort and tears) by our friends at Rattlesnake Ridge Ranch. Takoda was not planned, but "happened" when his sire was determined to escape and do what he'd done all of his life — procreate with willing females, one of which was his daughter.

Inbreeding is a poor breeding strategy on the front end (that is, while any offspring are in the theoretical stage) due to increased and unknow-able risk of inheriting faults (along with an increased chance of inheriting virtues). Close inbreeding is the riskiest of all. However, when any level of inbreeding is already an accomplished fact, the risk factor is in the rearview. The intelligent thing to do with such a llama is to (1) evaluate them stringently and (2) if they pass that evaluation and may be used for breeding, scrutinize potential partners much more thoroughly, rejecting any who are also related to the recently repeated ancestry.

So that's exactly what we plan to do with Takoda. If he passes muster here, we will unhesitatingly breed him with suitable unrelated females here on our farm (where we have already made a point to avoid ancestry that is overused in the pack llama gene pool overall).

Mind you, this has always been part of our position on inbreeding; it is not even remotely new. Takoda's arrival here merely forces us to speak up and clarify that position rather than remaining comfortably off the radar when the "all-inbreeding-is-a-disaster!" crowd goes on their overly-simplistic, un-nuanced anti-any-inbreeding tirades.

We'll also — of course — enjoy Takoda's companionship now, and we look forward to driving him in harness and packing with him when he's old enough. He's a sharp cookie, a calm cucumber, and one physically talented dude!

Takoda is a Sioux word that means "friend to all", and our Takoda certainly wants to be friends with everyone ... even if he's not to sure, when approached by others, that their intentions are friendly! We appended "Peak" to honor his sire, Slate Peak.