cinder photo

Lost Creek Cinder


ILR # 290560

female  b. 3-6-2017

Rocky Mountain Highlight x Lost Creek Klahowya

Cinder is a bouncy, healthy young llama with a good head on her shoulders. Her energy and athleticism provide us with seemingly endless entertainment and joy! Her willingness to interact with and cooperate with humans is the icing on the cake.

Cinder has excellent Classic type in all respects — physique, temperament and coat. We expect her to mature into an outstanding trail companion and invaluable producer of Classic llamas. Cinder has two PLTA MPL certified llamas in her immediate background, and many close relatives who are valued working packers.

We are so pleased with Cinder that we plan to retain her for the next generation of our own breeding program.

Cinder is named for South Cinder Peak, a cinder cone that is quite attention-grabbing due to its proximity to the Pacific Crest Trail (Mount Jefferson Wilderness, Oregon). Cinder's color is just like South Cinder Peak ... and she's also as light on her feet as a flying cinder, too!