Lost Creek Ranger Arikaree


ILR # 290559

female  b. 6-23-2016

Lost Creek Troubadour x Lost Creek Ranger Tokatee

Arikaree definitely has the "eye candy" paint job, but it's her sensible, mellow, interactive personality — inherited from both parents — that stands out most. We were also pretty impressed with her substantial bone and muscling, and that "powerbutt" rear end from granddad Ranger Dusty. We weren't really thrilled that she inherited the recessive longer coat — even though it is a true Classic coat and even though Arikaree just LOVES to be groomed. We were definitely not happy when it became clear as Arikaree matured that she wasn't into anything requiring physical exertion.

Arikaree left in early 2022 for a local pet and therapy home (where she reportedly took on guard duty!), but circumstances there changed and Arikaree returned to us in late fall of that year. Our suspicion that Tokatee missed her daughter was confirmed, so we expect Arikaree will remain at Lost Creek for the foreseeable future.

Arikaree Peak is on the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains and is visible from the Nederland, Colorado area, where we lived for a short time. Arikaree Peak, in turn, was named for the Arikara tribe of Native Americans. The name "Arikara" may mean "horns", refering to the Arikara tribe's custom of wearing two upright bones in their hair ... and looking kinda like llama ears, perhaps?