troubadour photo

Lost Creek Troubadour


ILR # 274896

male  b. 12-7-2007

JD’s Cappuccino x Ramblin’ Rosie

Troubadour has matured at 43.25", and unfortunately has some issues with his weight — 360 pounds is too many pounds.

Troubadour is proving to be his parents’ son — inquisitive, mellow, very much a “people person,” and definitively classic. Jim originally planned to work with him, but Gwen is Troubadour’s preference and so that’s the way it is going to be. One of these days we’re going to “get” that the llamas choose us, not the other way around!

Troubadour is a real joy as a companion — to us and to his pasturemates! He did not inherit his father’s excellent gaits, however (it’s a complex genetic trait, and his dam is as opposite of “ideal” as it gets). We were originally going to geld him outright on that basis, but our ongoing search for breeding stock has made us appreciate that Troubadour is better in almost every other critical way than what we’re able to find “out there”, and he’s also potentially a better match for some of our females (who fortunately do have top-notch gaits) than any other options available to us at this time.

Although Troubadour’s gaits will tend to make him require more conditioning than is ideal particularly when he passes into middle age (that's late teens for Classic llamas), there's nothing stopping him from excelling at medium-duty packing (as we define it, that's beyond what most people require). Because he is otherwise so excellent, we’ve decided to retain Troubadour to breed with select females of our own on a limited basis.

Troubadour's first offspring has given us no untoward surprises (despite a longer-than-desirable coat), and has Troubadour's delightfully interactive and steady disposition and a solid, well-conformed body ... along with the elusive (and genetically recessive) trot! A good call on our part to keep Troubadour here, and intact.

A troubadour was a medieval entertainer, talented in music, poetry, and often other arts. Some of the troubadours traveled continuously, but generally each was employed by a particular court. Our Troubadour is certainly talented and suited for interaction and the entertainment facet of the llama world.

Meet Troubadour's offspring: