aldwyn photo

Lost Creek Aldwyn


ILR # 294160

gelding  b. 6-24-2013

Lost Creek Troubadour x Rocky Mountain Dazzle

Aldwyn is a remarkably personable fellow with a decidedly exuberant side and great enjoyment for life. With maturity, he's learned to keep that energy under control when appropriate.

Aldwyn's conformation and biomechanics are flawless. However, Aldwyn inherited two non-Classic traits from his mixed heritage: his curaca-type coat, and early puberty with the typically-associated traits of hypersexuality and shorter stature. Either alone would have meant Aldwyn wouldn't be stud quality for us, and so it was a no-brainer for us to castrate him. This allows Aldwyn and us (and his new family!) to enjoy his special personality to the fullest, and does no harm to the threatened (and already genetically mixed) Classic llama gene pool.

We greatly enjoyed the companionship of Aldwyn's grandsire Cappuccino and great-granddam Lacy, and we also laughed (most of the time!) at the antics and creativity of great-great-granddam Maggie. We see a bit of each of them in Aldwyn.

We hoped to keep Aldwyn as a "mentor" gelding, but unfortunately for us, he'd really rather "do his own stuff". Aldwyn now resides with his dad Troubadour in Washington, and gets out more than we do into some outstanding backcountry ... we're envious!

"Aldwyn" is a very rare Celtic or Saxon name with few historical occurances and a wide variety of meanings, in no small part because the various name elements can be teased out in different ways: "Al" and "dwyn", or "Auld" and "wyn". Whether "old" or "wise" or "from the mountains"; whether "friend" or "shining, brilliant" or "white", they all fit ... and also give Aldwyn plenty of room to grow his own unique personality.