gio pic

Lost Creek Gio


ILR # 296385

male  b. 03-24-2022

Joey Gold'n Heart x Lost Creek Sagehopper

Gio has been one intense bundle of muscle and energy from the moment he was born. He's learned to dial it back, and has impressed us with his level-headedness.

Because we tragically and unexpectedly lost Gio's 3/4 sib Dunc'n Hawk — previously destined to be Gwen's next harness llama — we're retaining Gio to see if he will work out in that role. Gio is pretty jazzed about his advancing lessons with Gwen. who is pretty darned jazzed to get a second chance, as it were, with a harness and packing prospect of Gio's caliber.

We won't need Gio as a stud (unless some serious and untoward "life happens" event occurs), so he is slated to be a happy working gelding. That means he may also work out as a companion for Lightfoot, and a mentor for our young males ... but Gio is still young, so that's putting the cart ahead of the llama at this point. ;-)

"Gio" is short for a number of Italian names; it's also the name of an exceptional red dun Fjord stallion. Urban slang defines "Gio" as "hot" and "godlike". Our Gio is definitely both exceptional and "hot"!