gio pic

Lost Creek Gio


ILR # pending

male  b. 03-24-2022

Joey Gold'n Heart x Lost Creek Sagehopper

Gio is a llama on a mission — we just don't know exactly what mission he has in mind yet! In any case, Gio has been one intense bundle of muscle and energy from the moment he was born. Gio will be a one-in-a-million llama for someone; at the same time, he's so intense that he's not going to be a llama suitable for just anybody.

We don't need Gio as a stud, so we anticipate retaining him for the next few years to evaluate whether he fits our needs as a gelding or if we will offer him for sale as a packer once he's matured and trained. In the interim, Gio is going to keep us hopping!

"Gio" is short for a number of Italian names; it's also the name of an exceptional red dun Fjord stallion. Urban slang defines "Gio" as "hot" and "godlike". Our Gio is definitely both exceptional and "hot"!