lightfoot photo

Lost Creek Ranger Lightfoot


ILR # pending

male  b. 05-09-2021

Hi Trl The Duke x Lost Creek Ranger Ceilidh

Lightfoot arrived somewhat undercooked (the first time we've had that happen), but after a few days of around the clock care from us, you'd never guess that. Lightfoot has no favorite human — we were both there when he needed us, and he remembers that.

Lightfoot has the highly-desirable standard Classic coat, endless energy, and a very active and logical mind. We are enjoying his enthusiastic take on life — moreso after the effort and energy we invested in him initially when we were unsure what the outcome would be.

We are expecting Lightfoot to mature into a fine packer and friend. If we decide he is breeding quality, we will definitely retain him ... and we may keep him anyway because we are still without a suitable trainer/mentor gelding.

Lightfoot is one runnin' dude; if you ever see him race around the pasture, you'll know where his name comes from. :-)