ceilidh photo

Lost Creek Ranger Ceilidh


ILR # 266907

female  b. 11-17-04

Ranger Dusty x Ramblin’ Rosie

Ceilidh likes everybody; Jim has chosen to work with her. Despite the fact that Ceilidh will offer to go home with anyone (especially those with food), she is NEVER for sale.

We are very pleased with Ceilidh’s coat, muscling, and conformation. She has inherited her sire's energy and willingness, and her gaits are quite adequate for packing — a distinct improvement over her mother's — even though they are not enough of an improvement to be well-suited to work in harness. Her ears hear just fine, but they aren’t “the right shape” according to the aesthetics-driven showing world (and more than a few people who are also highly biased towards a specific “look” even though they wouldn't begin to admit it out loud). What all that means is that Ceilidh isn't perfect for everything or by everybody's standards ... but who is?

We felt Ceilidh was just too valuable to the gene pool to sit idle just because we keep our births to a manageable number, and initially leased her for two years. The lease deal went WAAAAY south for us (although it did teach us some very valuable, albeit painful, lessons about making sure we protect ourselves in business dealings that involve animals, which by definition involves unknowns).

Thankfully Ceilidh herself returned home in good health in the spring of 2011. The results from breeding Ceilidh to our own MPL-certified packing stud, Rocky Mountain Highlight, have exceeded our wildest expectations. And, like all other Ranger Dusty daughters to date, Ceilidh's maternal traits have proven to be "a distinct upgrade" — she is a devoted mother who is delightfully cheery throughout whatever hormonal swings are happening, and she is always happy to share her babies with us.

Ceilidh likes attention, but food trumps everything (a curse inherited from her dam).

Remember, NEVER FOR SALE. Translation — if you really want us to permanently write you off, try to buy her.

“Ceilidh” (pronounced kay'-lee') is Irish or Scottish for a traditional gathering with music, dancing, and storytelling. A ceilidh is also a specific Scottish dance. Our Ceilidh sure is the dancing, extroverted party animal.

Meet Ceilidh's offspring bred and born at Lost Creek: