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Spokane River Kokanee


ILR # 110470

spayed female  b. 03-10-1993 . . . d. 10.08.2016

Hidden Valley Silverhawk x Princess Colleen

We weren't really planning to buy another llama, but weanling Kokanee caught our eyes and our hearts at the 1993 Spokane Interstate Fair ... and so she rode home with us, sandwiched between a very irritated Sydney and a very smug Dusty!

Kokanee initially did well for herself in the showring with a Grand and many Reserve Grand placings at halter and some excellent placings in performance classes, too. But Kok tired of courses that were either too easy or — as became common — intended to frighten llamas, so we agreed to retire her from showing.

When Kokanee's sire produced a baby with choanal atresia, we made the decision to stop breeding Kokanee after her then-unborn 1998 offspring. When Kokanee also did not produce enough milk, it was a no-brainer that she should be spayed.

Kokanee, Olallie and Calliope spent a number of years together in semi-retirement, and when their new humans moved back to the east coast, Kok and Olallie returned home to us.

Kokanee loved food and getting scritches, and was a character to the end.

A kokanee is a landlocked sockeye salmon. Before spawning, they are speckled with spots.

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