elahn photo

Lost Creek Elahn



gelding  b. 4-3-2012

Lost Creek Credo x Megan Summer Socks

Elahn is 42" at the withers, currently weighs 290 lbs, and has remarkable stamina and agility. He has that increasingly rare, crazy-light-on-his-feet atheticism and energy that only comes in small packages. His mind is also very agile, and as such, he'll be a delight ... for the right human partner. If you are confident in yourself, patient, a good student, and place value on reliable performance, Elahn wants to meet you!

Elahn's coat requires yearly shearing, and as such he will require well-timed shearing to allow adequate regrowth (but not too much), and his shorn coat will be fine for the backcountry traveller who prefers trips during the prime, ideal portion of packing season, or who already lives and packs in a dry climate. However, Elahn not be well-suited to harsh-weather packing early in the season, nor packing in wet climates such as the western Cascades during the transitional seasons.

Elahn's sire (Lost Creek Credo) and grandsire (Sky Rocket) both attained PLTA MPL certification; Credo is now a working gelding in WA state. We see all their most stellar physical attributes (but with much better weight control) in Elahn.

Although Elahn enjoys interacting with humans (uh, on his terms ... lots of energy equals a short attention span!) and doesn't cling to other llamas, we've discovered he shines when paired with an experienced llama. He will grow out of this to some degree (or even entirely), but for now, we are keeping Elahn's training sessions in the success zone by using one of our well-seasoned packers as his mentor.

Inquire about Elahn if you are interested in a very energetic and athletic young pack prospect. Elahn continues to expand his packing-specific skills training; we anticipate that his price will fall somewhere in the $1750-$2000 range when we are ready to let him go.

Although we will consider taking a deposit on Elahn for the right situation, he will probably not be available for purchase prior to becoming an experienced packer with several seasons on the trail. Our own trainer gelding is close to "aging out" of training duties, so we are now intending to retain Elahn for a couple of years in case he will be needed to step into that role for a year or two until Aldwyn is fully ready to take over.

Elann or elahan is a Chinook Jargon word (originally from Salish, E-la-han), meaning aid or assistance; it also (spelled "Elan") means "oak tree" in Hebrew. Both are fitting for our Elahn, especially the former — that's what pack llamas do! Because the spelling of all Native American words comes from (often inept) phonetic approximations anyway, we've taken the liberty of altering the spelling to Elahn to help others get the pronunciation the way Elahn is used to hearing it.