arwen pic

Lost Creek Arwen


ILR # 297805

female  b. 05-10-2023

Joey Gold'n Heart x Slate Peak's Aurora

Arwen was born with a fawn stripe down her spine from poll to tail just like one of our Fjord horses! She's been a real brainiac from the start. We're also seeing hints of Joey's stamina and strength, but without his penchant for getting selectively stuck in "right brain" reactive mode.

Arwen is energetic and athletic, and she represents our only available opportunity to combine Gold'n Hawk's genetics with several of our male lines. Besides being very excited about Arwen's potential as a breeding llama, we're also looking forward to enjoying her as a fun and capable packing companion.

Because Arwen and Gwen (and Seedskadee!) share a birthday, it's a cinch we're planning to keep her. :-)

Arwen is a Welsh name meaning a muse; it also contains the Welsh element for white or bright. Our Arwen is definitely a thinker, and she's mostly white in appearance. Most people immediately associate the name with the daughter of Elrond and lover of Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, but that wasn't our inspiration.