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Lost Creek Bindi


ILR # pending

female  b. 04-17-2024

Joey Gold'n Heart x Lost Creek Cinder

Confident and strong, Bindi is very much a Joey daughter! She also inherited grandma Klahowya's spots and excellent standard Classic coat.

Bindi instantly decided that Sierra exists to be her Very Best Friend; the two would rather be together than with their respective moms!

Both Bindi and Sierra appear (at this early age) to be breeding quality and we'd be happy to add them to our small breeding herd. However, we don't know how many more females will be born here in the next few years. If we end up with more than we can justify keeping, we will (reluctantly!) find Bindi and Sierra a good home where they will stay together for life.

Bindi is an Australian aboriginal word said to mean "little girl" or "butterfly"; it is aslo a Hindi word for "spot"!