carhartt photo

Lost Creek Carhartt


ILR # 291713

male  b. 06-10-2018

Eagles' Nest' Americus ("Bull") x Lost Creek Klahowya

Carhartt reached a whopping 42.5" at the age of 10.5 months, and is closing in on 46" at 22 months! Carhartt has grit and determination coupled with exceptional energy, but he's also the type to engage his brain most of the time.

Carhartt's immediate and extended family is full of working packers, including two PLTA MPL certified llamas. Carhartt's sire "Bull" has also produced a number of working packers and packers-in-training, and is greatly appreciated and admired for his easy disposition.

Carhartt is unrelated to the vast majority of female pack breeding stock in the US. Carhartt's strong and stable rear end, leggy phenotype, toughness, and above-average bone and muscle make him highly likely to produce improved offspring in many herds. Carhartt also brings his hightly sought-after standard Classic coat to the table.

Unfortunately, Carhartt's initial breedings did not go well — similarly to grandsire Sky Rocket, he's significantly less willing to rebreed a female ... but unlike Sky Rocket, that holds true even if the female remains receptive. It's time-consuming for us to establish a female's cycle in order to ensure Carhart would breed that female on the one best day for ovulation and conception. This quirk isn't conducive to settling females in a timely manner ... and we also don't know whether this issue could be passed on to offspring. We definitely don't want to be "those people"!!

We've withdrawn Carhartt from our outside stud service offerings and are reconsidering what his best future would look like.

He's "Carhartt brown", he's a working llama, and we could see he was tough from day one. It's a fit!