Joey Gold'n Heart


ILR # 291483

male  b. 10-12-2016

Eagles' Nest' Americus (aka "Bull") x Rosa O'Joy

Joey has truly exceptional bone and muscle, an inquisitive, intelligent mind, surprising agility and jaw-dropping endurance ... all with an excellent classic coat icing his physical cake. We would have expected Joey to mature around 44" (both parents are in that ballpark), but his dam developed a molar abscess while Joey was still in utero, and that definitely set back Joey's growth. Fortunately he is male, and that setback will not affect his offspring.

Joey is finally getting it straight that self-control is a virtue that has rewards.

We are always looking for exceptional pack breeding stock with exceptional Classic coats and superior dispositions, preferably with relatives who aren't heavily promoted and genalogies that both are outcrosses to our stock and aren't already over-represented in the larger gene pool ... and 99.9% of the time, we either strike out completely or settle for better-than-average body, coat and sanity plus "outcrosses to our stock". Right after we acquired Duke and Longmire, Joey kinda found us. He was sold before weaning along with his mother into a home that was building a group of mature working female packers. Joey was much loved, but everybody knew that (1) he wasn't getting the proper llama education with no males or geldings to learn manners from and (2) he wasn't female, and thus would be a management hassle (separate facilities) even if castrated.

Fortunately everyone's path intersected at exactly the right time, and Joey came to Lost Creek Llamas for his remedial social education ... painful for it's delay, but all the more necessary for Joey to become a solid llama citizen.

Joey certainly fits every criteria that we can test before maturity, and most of his immediate ancestors (paternal and maternal) are proven packers. Both sire and dam are standard-coat Classics, so Joey may be homozygous for both traits (short and shedding). From his dam's side, Joey's rear leg placement is narrower than ideal (but no crossover) and his gaits are a "B". Still, we are optimistic that he will in fact make stud quality for us, and Joey may even join our select "inner circle" (no outside breedings) group of standard coat Classic studs.

Joey is extra-special to us because he is a grandson of Gold'n Hawk, who left us all too soon, and with no offspring. Joey has inherited every one of Hawk's unique and desireable qualities that we had very much hoped to add to our breeding herd, and that's not insignificant — the odds of getting even one llama with all of these characteristics when breeding sustainable numbers is low; the likelihood of getting that same llama two generations later is truly miniscule. We know that Joey is a very special treasure indeed, and are grateful that he has been entrusted to us.

Joey came with his call name (Joey) and a partially-complete registration form, leaving us to flesh out a suitable registered name. "Gold'n Heart" perfectly reflects Joey's kind soul, and we chose the spelling to honor his beloved grandsire (who was also definitely not gold-colored).