ouray photo

Lost Creek Ranger Ouray


ILR # 293737

male  b. 07-16-2019

Eagles' Nest" Americus ("Bull")

x Lost Creek Ranger Ceilidh (by Ranger Dusty)

Ouray has matured at 44.75" and continues to be energetic when circumstances permit, yet able to both contain that exuberance when appropriate AND discern when "appropriate" is. A real level-headed guy!

Ouray has the "power butt" muscling that we value so highly coming from both grandsires Ranger Dusty and Gold'n Hawk; he also has many other outstanding physical attributes inherited from both, as well as arrow-straight movement and stance. His Classic coat combs out well, and his gaits are excellent for packing and near-perfect for driving as well.

Ouray is the primary stud prospect for our own next generation, so he's not for sale (DOH) and he won't be available to outside females.

"Ouray" is a native (Ute) word meaning "arrow", best known as the name of a chief who continually sought peace with the whites. There's also a town named Ouray in Colorado, but the pronuniation is different (OO-ray for our guy and the Native American; YOO-ray for the town). Our Ouray is straight as an arrow, and he's definitely a peaceable sort.