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Lost Creek Sierra


ILR # pending

female  b. 05-02-2024

Hi Trl The Duke x Slate Peak's Aurora

Sierra is a full sister to Pequop and every bit as athletic. We had repeated the pairing in hopes of producing a stud quality male as a backup for Duke, but instead we got a female and Bindi got a BFF! In all of our years, we have never had two baby llamas join up so quickly and tightly as Sierra and Bindi did. So, yeah, it worked out right.

Both Sierra and Bindi appear (at this early age) to be breeding quality and we'd be happy to add them to our small breeding herd. However, we don't know how many more females will be born here in the next few years. If we end up with more than we can justify keeping, we will (reluctantly!) find Sierra and Bindi a good home where they will stay together for life.

Sierra is a Spanish word for jagged mountain peaks.