Class of 2003

(1999 crias)

It would be nice if all crias would just hold still and stay at the right distance for photographs. Well, this pair does everything but. If it isn't noses thrust in camera lenses, it's time to run away -- a LONG way away -- just for the heck of it. So this "album page" is rather limited ... oh, well!


Owyhee and Shuksan: To get the other guy to run, it's always good to try to bite him where he won't like it! At this age (and without hormones and fighting teeth), it's just another fun game.


Wrestling is what long necks are good for! Right now it's exploration and play; in just over a year, it will begin to get serious and not-fun-at-all ... unless the participants are castrated before puberty, in which case it may remain play for several more years before peetering out (rather than escalating into fighting). Shuksan (over the top) has since been castrated; Owyhee (underneath) was kept under evaluation longer, but he, too, is now a much-happier gelding (and we wish we'd made up our minds to castrate him sooner!).


There IS a way to get these two to stand still -- wait until they finally get tired!

Mothers and offspring don't always copy each other like this, but it certainly makes a cute picture when they do.

From left to right: Dallys, Shuksan, Owyhee, and Molly

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