cynamon photo

Lost Creek Ranger Cynamon


ILR # 291711

gelding  b. 05.31.2018

Eagles' Nest' Americus ("Bull") x Lost Creek Ranger Ceilidh

Cynamon is both sensible and highly interactive; he has energy and enthusiasm with innate self-control. Cynamon's true Classic coat is close to perfection for the breed type. His willing attitude and trainability remind us in many ways of his beloved grandsires Ranger Dusty and Gold'n Hawk.

Unfortunately, Cynamon's adult size — 41.5" — is significantly below his genetic potential. His birth size was compromised due to his dam developing two molar abscesses late in Cynamon's gestation.

Cynamon has some packing-specific skills and a bit of trail time. He has the potential to be a fine trail partner, but only for a very narrow group of people — avid dayhikers, backcountry minimalists, llama packers who are already using small stock, and especially those humans who share Cynamon's height-challenged stature. He is NOT going to be suitable for typical packing demands (let alone packing out game) and especially not for impressing anyone.

Cynamon's natural charisma and interactivity makes him well suited to the range of activities in the public outreach and therapy realms, and for 4H / FFA ... as long as the kids are about the llama, not the ribbons and acclaim (see "not for impressing anyone", above). Cynamon's stout and muscular build, steady disposition, and moderate stature make Cynamon a good light-draft harness prospect as well.

Cynamon is NOT suitable as a guard llama under any circumstances due to a notably high retained sexual drive. We have difficulties with him if he's on a common fenceline with females, and that higher latent sex drive is also part of why Cynamon has turned out to not be a suitable young llama mentor for us.

If you are interested in Cynamon as your future llama partner, contact us! If you are looking for two, we think Cynamon would be a good match with his equally energetic and charismatic cousin Finn.

"Cynamon" is the Polish spelling of Cinnamon ... giving an uncommon fellow an uncommon version of this very apt name inspired by his coloration.