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Driving Halters


Because a llama's head is held with the mouth almost horizontally (rather than almost vertically, as in equines), a bit is not a comfortable or effective means of communicating with or controlling a driven llama. Several specially designed driving halters are available, and some people have tried driving llamas in regular halters.



Gwen makes our own driving halters, designed specifically to allow precise cuing. They fit snugly, unlike a normal halter, and have a pair of rings on the noseband below the cheek pieces. This design minimizes slippage and thus increases cue precision, allowing instant understanding during training, development of a very light "hand," and outstanding responses in a well-trained driving llama. The driving halter is not adjustable for both safety and comfort, and so must be custom-made to fit each llama.




Winkers are a tremendous asset to the driving llama when showing. To an animal with a large field of vision but poor depth perception, a pleasure driving class held in an arena appears to be an unpredictable and dangerous mass of llamas, carts, and humans all moving at different speeds, some directly at him or her. Winkers allow the llama to focus on where he or she is going rather than to panic about turnouts that are actually a safe distance away, which in turn increases safety in the class and improves performance. The winkers are mounted on a separate strap for proper positioning, are made of light packcloth for safety and comfort, and are supported by the llama's own bony orbits -- there are no stiff parts or wires to endanger the eyes. The winkers are optional and can be removed, if desired, for actual pleasure driving.

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