fiona photo

Hi Trl Fiona


ILR # 288647

female  b. 08-27-2015

Hi Trl Daniel Jackson x BBR Freckles

Fiona is energetic and very exuberant — a goat in a llama body! We both enjoy Fiona greatly, but she and Gwen "have a definite thing" for each other.

At this stage of our breeding progress, we normally would not accept a llama such as Fiona into our breeding herd — her high-maintenance longer length coat coupled with an ambling gait are two significant steps in the wrong direction from our breeding goals. However, Fiona's coat does shed, she's very cooperative about being combed, and she has several outstanding working attributes that are neither adequately prominent nor from adequately diverse genetic sources in our select group of breeding females.

We look forward to offering Fiona's contributions to the serious-and-extreme segment of the pack llama community someday, and we will definitely be retaining some of her best for our next generation breeding stock as well.

Fiona loves all kinds of mental stimulation as long as she's in familiar surroundings. As she matures, her confidence and penchant for adventure only increase!

Sondra Ellis liked to name their llamas by themes; for females, she often selected names that began with the same letter as their dams. In our experience, this often results in a mismatch between name and llama, but because we already know a rather bouncy, lively Fiona, this was a hit!

Meet Fiona's offspring: