pepper photo

Rattlesnake Ridge Pepperfaire


ILR # 296426

female  b. 05-25-2022

King Asher's Legado x Maryfaire

We are always looking for the occasional outcross Classic llama to enhance our own herd's largely outcross genetic resources. Knowing that Gayle Noga would never part with stunning Maryfaire and also knowing that Legado ("Legs") represented several generations of proven packers in addition to being a fine packer himself with an excellent Classic coat and superior working gaits, Gwen mentioned that we would be interested in the result (either sex) from a pairing between "Legs" and Maryfaire.

Later, DNA test results showed that our new stud prospect Takoda Peak was a son of Legs, not Slate Peak as was originally believed. For that reason, we were extra-pleased that Maryfaire's 2022 baby was female!

Pepper joined us in June 2023, later than anticipated due to a bout of pneumonia earlier in the year. She's small but mighty, and is already proving to be an exceptionally confident and independent llama!

Peppercorn, an outstanding go-getter pack llama of considerable intellegence, was Pepper's great-grand sire; Maryfaire is her dam. Hence, Pepperfaire. All of that was actually reverse-engineered form early photos, which inspired the name "Pepper".