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If you don't rescue ...


Other Llama Sites

Maintaining a comprehensive and current list of llama site links is simply beyond our means (there's only 24 hours in a day, and a lot of competition for those hours already!). For travellers' convenience, we have provided a listing of some sites that we have found to be especially useful, enjoyable, entertaining, educational and/or a means of getting to know friends and acquaintances. Many of these sites have additional links you can follow.


On-Line Information and Connections for Llama Packers

Backcountry Llama Newsletter

Pack Llama Trial Association




Books, Videos, Equipment, and Supplies

Eagle Cart / Llamatopia

Llama Hardware / Flaming Star Llama Products

Lost Creek Llamaprints

Rocky Mountain Llamas

Mt. Sopris Llamas Unltd.

for helpful commentary on available literature,
see our annotated llama literature list


National Organizations

ILR -- International Lama Registry

PLTA -- Pack Llama Trial Association


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