Lost Creek Ranger Koa


ILR # 287656

male  b. 6-11-2014

Lost Creek Credo x Lost Creek Ranger Tokatee

Koa had a fortunate start in life — he presented with both front legs back (lethal for both mom and baby if unattended), and Gwen was, as always, at home to monitor his birth and corrected the accidental malpresentation in a timely manner (this is exactly why Gwen worked night shift). The bonus for Gwen is that on top of ensuring her buddy Tokatee's wellbeing, she acquired a new friend in Koa.

Koa is definitely a thinker! This has proven to be only the tip of the iceberg — Koa continued to blow our minds with his ability to stay in "thought gear" in situations when any other llama would "flip the switch" to reaction all the way until his hormones came in.

Koa's gaits are strong and true — a natural trot and four-beat walk — and he inherited the highly desirable standard Classic coat from his sire along with the super-shedding undercoat of his dam. Koa continues to have the best coat on the farm, and he passed that on to his first offspring as well.

Although half-sister Toiyabe was born with partial choanal atresia, our evidence (and that of others) is now pointing to a specific class of teratogen administered within a specific critical window of gestation rather than a purely hereditary cause. We are confident enough in that evidence, or we would not have even considered breeding Tokatee again, let alone keeping Koa (and 3/4 sib Seedskadee) intact. Still, because our knowledge is not infallible, Koa will NOT be available for outside breedings nor will his offspring be sold as breeding stock — NO exceptions.

Whether Koa continues on the path of pack stud or not, his bond with Gwen ensures that his forever home is right here at Lost Creek Llamas.

Koa is a tree in the acacia family, endemic to Hawaii. It is unique in many ways, including being nontoxic (having evolved in the absence of large herbivores). The word "koa" is native hawai'ian and means "strong", which Koa definitely embodies.

Meet Koa's offspring: