scioty photo

Lost Creek Ranger Scioty


ILR # 287655

gelding  b. 5-9-2013

Rocky Mountain Highlight x Lost Creek Ranger Ceilidh

Scioty is just as calm, intelligent, and delightful as his year-older full sister, Gaiya, and although he is not as innately extroverted as she is, Scioty is definitely inclined to work with humans rather than avoid them. Jim has claimed Scioty as his partner.

Scioty has inherited his sire's athleticism and his dam's excellent standard-length Classic coat (the real-deal, sheds-with-just-a-slicker-brush kind!), and superior muscling from both parents. We also see much of grandsire Ranger Dusty in his overall quality and demeanor — Scioty has the same balanced physique and attitude that would cause this exceptional total package of a working llama to fly completely unnoticed below everyone else's radar ... if it weren't for his eye-catching "paint job" (which contributes absolutely nothing to Scioty's working ability, but that's human nature for ya).

Scioty would have definitely on track for becoming one of our "inner circle" (no outside breedings) Classic pack studs, but much to our surprise and chagrin, he has an anomaly of his penis that prevents natural breeding. We had been planning to pursue a full reproductive workup by a top camelid reproductive expert and (depending on the findings and recommendations) possibly using artificial insemination, but with 3/4 sib Cinder's reproductive capability now proven, castration was the smartest alternative. A pity, because we have met precious few llamas who are as fast and as light on their feet as Scioty. On the other hand, Scioty is definitely enjoying life as a happy-go-lucky gelding, and his pasturemates like him a lot better this way, too,

Scioty is not for sale.

Scioty (say "sigh-OH-tee") refers to a favorite old-time instrumental (dance) tune, Big Scioty (which in turn was named for the Sciota river in Ohio).