Lost Creek Llamas' Pricing

We do our best to keep in touch with the general market pricing and initially set base pricing based on age and training only (we ignore those llamas advertised as packers that clearly are NOT serious pack llamas).

We also keep current on pricing for any equipment that will go with the llamas.

We consider what would a fair price be in a realistic, stable market — that is, the actual value of what we are selling. Just because some people are asking insane prices does not mean we're doing that! Conversely, when the market gets soft, our llamas don't go "on sale" ... we curtail breeding instead, and increase training level for any llamas we have available.

Finally, we then take many things into consideration and adjust that base price up or down accordingly for each individual llama we have for sale. Because there are NO perfect llamas, anywhere! We do our best to fairly represent each llama and to provide full disclosure.

When available, experienced packers, light-duty and limited-duty packers, and value-added packers will have prices listed on the individual llamas' pages.

Typically, our available llamas are in the started packer and green packer categories. Because these llamas are increasing their training and experience, we have found it's not practical to post prices for them. Our selling prices for nonbreeding started and green packers have been running between $1500-$2500 per k'ara (you need to shear the body) llama and $2500-$5000 per Classic coat (comb out the body) llama.

Compare with 2020 market prices of $3500-$9000 per k'ara ("ccara") llama ... typically shorn and misadvertised as "classic".

Why in blazes are we selling llamas for less than market prices? Because ...

All nonbreeder llamas carry a non-negotiable and legally enforceable return clause (no resales and no rehoming) in their contract. By screening out profiteers and "flippers", we can keep prices within an affordable range for young families and folks on a budget who are serious about having and keeping OUR llamas in their lives. There's no such thing as a guaranteed "forever home" (life happens!), but we want our llamas to go to homes that are a good match for them, are intended to be permanent, and with the kind of people who agree our llamas should have their birth home be their soft landing if necessary.

We rarely agree to sell breeding stock. When we do, prices are substantially higher — $4000-$10,000.

We generally DO NOT sell pack prospects. When we do, they are sold ONLY to people with llama packing experience, they are ONLY sold as NON-BREEDERS (see "legally enforceable return clause" above!), males are always castrated before they leave, and females are ONLY sold into an established female-only home. Prices will be no lower than the going market rate (ie, $3500-$9000 in 2020).

If you are on a budget, we strongly suggest that you seek out experienced packers that are still sound in the 10-15 year age range. With appropriate care and nutrition, these llamas will be an easy entry into llamas and llama handling skills for you (and your family), they will continue to pack (and help you train their replacements) for another 5-10 years ... and two or three of them will cost you the same or less than one immature llama. The education and fun experiences they'll provide can't be bought any other way. Someday folks will finally catch on to just how priceless these gems are, but until then, SNAP THEM UP!!! If you and/or your kids then want to (and are able to) continue with llamas, you'll be in a great position to select replacement animals and succeed with them. If not, you saved a lot of money and got much more enjoyment, too.

A 50% deposit is required to hold an adult llama until the buyer is ready.

A 25% deposit is required to hold a juvenile llama who is not yet ready to leave.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell llamas to anyone.

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