Spaying Female Llamas

Can I keep a spayed female with intact males and geldings?

Even though a spayed female cannot become pregnant, cohabitation with males and late geldings would be harmful to the female. Male llamas will breed anything they can force down, and spayed females will eventually drop out of self-defense when mounted. "Recreational sex" in llamas is actually recreational only for the male partner — the female sustains damage to her reproductive tract with each copulation, and the cumulative effects of frequent matings result in infections, which in turn may become life-threatening.

Spayed females may be housed with spayed and intact females of any age. In addition, it's been our limited experience that adult spays will not tolerate sexual advances from most young males up to a year of age or so. The latter situation should not be assumed, but be evaluated on an individual basis of all the llamas involved and also monitored for change as the juvenile males mature.

It is our experience that most geldings simply retain too many sexual impulses to be kept with females or spays. We have seen only a handful of exceptions, all of which were castrated by 15 months or earlier, and all of which came from the Classic gene pool with ZERO woolly or crossbred ancestry. (The latter is something that is nearly impossible for Classic llama breeders to find now, so don't be thinking YOUR gelding qualifies ... he doesn't.)

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