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We assume no responsibility or liability for others' use or misuse of the information herein, including anyone's failure to find, read, and comprehend this sentence!

If you wish to allege this website has published a factual error or contains defamatory content, contact the publisher by email — webmaster [at] llamaprints [dot]com — and be sure that any demand(s) for correction or retraction are in full compliance with ORS 31.215

If your llama is ill, contact a licensed veterinarian to see your llama in person immediately. We cannot answer emergency medical questions.

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There. Now that we have THAT out of the way ...

This website is a compilation of our experiences and knowledge to date, born of the deep understanding of (and frustration over!) what it is like to seek information and truth to help our llamas, but largely find no information, misinformation (whether unintentional or outdated) and/or propaganda instead.

This website will grow and change (as it has in the past) as we grow and learn ourselves. It will never be complete nor "correct" for all purposes or by the criteria of all (perhaps any) other people. Typographical and grammatical errors are also possible. Still, we really do try to be as accurate as we can. Feel free to contact us if you spot what you believe is an error.

This is a homegrown website because we're more interested in spending money on llama health and wellbeing (and stashing the remaining money in case it's needed for us or the llamas). Solicitations to revise the website for $$$ will be laughed at and deleted. But if you, the actual user, find aspects of the website difficult to read or navigate, we WOULD like to know about that (please include information about the browser you're using).

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All photos and text are copyright; all photos (except where noted) are from scanned negatives in our possession or cropped from larger digital files. Translation — we can ALWAYS prove they're ours. ALWAYS.

Even though we do not "schmooze with the big money", we are on good terms with plenty of people who cruise the internet. They know our "stuff", and they forward copyright violations to us (and we do the same when we find others' "stuff" being used without permission). So if you want to use something, please ask. We can usually find a way to make it work.