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Llama Questions

The fastest way to contact us is by email: jimandgwen (at) lostcreekllamas dot com (Don't forget to reformat that as an email address!)

Requests for consultation on llamas with behavior and management issues are top priority. Jim will generally email you to set up a phone consult ASAP. We generally answer other inquiries within a week. If we need to bounce the situation or inquiry off each other, it will take more time because we have to coordinate our schedules, but the quality of the response will be worth the wait.

Remember, we like to llama pack, and we also sometimes attend music events; we are old-fashioned and we enjoy getting completely away from the computer at those times (and we are still doing just fine without smartphones). If we don't answer an email right away, please do NOT send us another two dozen emails that same week. Our farm sitter doesn't have access to our email accounts.

HOWEVER ... there ARE two people (us) sharing this email account, and occasionally stuff happens (usually we both think the other had taken care of an email and we're both wrong). If you don't hear back from us in two weeks, something has gone south — definitely go ahead and send us another email!

Website Questions and Error Reports

Please send an email to webmaster (at) llamaprints dot com


About visiting Lost Creek Llamas

This is a farm. We have mud. Llamas are animals and animals poop. The ground is not perfectly flat, and it contains surprises. Translation: bring boots, and be as cautious as you would in the backcountry where injury prevention is ALSO 100% YOUR responsibility.

• • • • •

Petroleum products are remarkably bad for llamas, and both Jim and Gwen are sensitive to various toxins, including artificial fragrances. To protect us and our llamas, we now request that all visitors arrive as fragrance-free as possible. That means no perfume or cologne, obviously, but also:

• no use of "shower gel" or "body wash" (these are petroleum based)
• no "body sprays"
• no products of any kind that contain linalool, linalool esters, or synthetic musks (this includes fragranced laundry products, which can persist on and offgas from fabrics for months after the last use)

• NO Febreeze. NONE. NADA.

• NO plug-in car air "fresheners" on the property, no exceptions.
The little dangly things are fine as long as you keep the vehicle closed up.

If in doubt, please don't use it. Gwen can detect (and identify) toxic "stuff" from an amazing distance, and if she picks up on something, we may have to ask you to leave ... and we definitely can't allow you in the house to use "the facilities."

• • • • •

Llamas are prey animals and most get totally uptight at the sight of predators. That means YOUR dog. If you need to bring your dog (including but not limited to if you need to find out if s/he is compatible with llamas in general or with a particular llama), tell us ahead of time so we can accommodate you, and so you'll be prepared to accommodate our llamas.

We also work to maintain minimal contact between our llamas and other animals which might introduce unwanted parasites. As with dogs, let us know ahead of time so we can figure out how best to coordinate the situation with your animal traveling companion(s).

Visiting dogs and other animals not approved in advance will be sent back home along with whoever brought them.