Working llamas!

Conformation assessment for the working llama

Working llamas are hard to come by. Select one that will remain sound and on the job!

Gait assessment for the working llama

Pack llama and driving (harness) llama endurance and speed are tied to inborn natural gaits. Learn to see what is going on, and to select the best llama for your job.

Heat stress and thermoregulation in working llamas

Research conducted at Lost Creek Llamas on whether, when, and how shearing and combing can reduce body temperature in exerting llamas, and in llamas at rest

Phase one
Phase two

Pack llamas!

Llama packing

An introduction and overview

Selecting a pack llama

Assess your needs, set priorities, and avoid getting ripped off

Packing with female llamas

Considerations specific to packing with females

Selecting a llama pack

A llama pack can make or break your trip ... or your llama

Packing tips

Information for beginners and experienced packers


Harness llamas!

Driving llamas in harness

An introduction and overview

Selecting a driving (harness) llama

Successful selection of this specialized niche llama

Driving halters for llamas

Selecting a safe, comfortable and effective llama driving halter

Driving harnesses for llamas

Selecting, modifying and fitting a harness to your llama

Carts, buggies and carriages for llamas

Evaluate vehicle suitability for llamas; modifications and sources

Driving tips for the single hitch

Basic and advanced driving information

Multiple hitches

Driving multiple llamas requires exponentially more skill and a bigger mental toolbox


Guard llamas

Guardian llamas

Although guardian llamas live a management lifestyle rather than engage in significant physical exertion, most humans consider them to be "working" and thus we've included the link in this section.