Classic Llama Stud Service

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Lost Creek Llamas currently provides
Stud Service
to the following Classic males:

Hi Trl The Duke

Duke is that llama we all want at least one of in our pack string — stays trim year-round, dependable from a young age, always helping out by keeping track of where the other llamas are, and stepping in to de-escalate conflicts.

Duke possesses a mid-length Classic coat and represents multiple generations of nothing but the-real-deal-original classic and k'ara (ccara) gene pool — no little woollies, no imports, no alpaca, no crossbreeding for short-term financial gain.

Duke brings a balanced body and larger frame, level head, calm outlook, a high level of "try", and substantial bone to the table; with all these strengths, he can improve on many females without risk of losing good traits.

Duke's granddam was exceptionally long lived; females on both sides of his pedigree have excellent maternal traits.

Download a copy of Duke's registration and pedigree HERE.

NOTE: We do not breed closer than a 3.125% COI on outside stud services because we cannot possibly have the appropriate level of intimate knowledge about the female's traits, attributes, and flaws.

If you have any questions about calculating the COI (coefficient of inbreeding) or want the specific COI for your female paired with Duke, we can do that for you at no charge.

Duke will be available at stud by private treaty beginning in 2023; he will only breed here at our farm until further notice.

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Lost Creek Carhartt

Carhartt is an energetic, tall, and leggy fellow with the highly desireable standard (short-short) Classic coat. Because both parents also have the standard Classic coat, he has a 50% chance of being homozygous (we'll know one way or the other after he's had enough offspring). If he is homozygous, 100% of his offspring will inherit his coat length and seasonal shedding.

Carhartt's dam and granddam have outstanding maternal traits in all areas, and they consistently pass those genes to their offspring.

Carhartt is exceptionally tough and focused (like grandsire Sky Rocket, PLTA MPL ... but on steroids!). Between his physical endowments and his uncommon-but-researchable-proven-performance genetic background, it's clear that Carhartt is poised to be the best outcross choice to upgrade nearly any packing and pack-breeding-stock female in the nation. There is no other Sky Rocket line male that's any better, and none with the standard Classic coat.

Carhartt will be available at stud by private treaty beginning in 2023.

Download an annotated copy of Carhartt's registration and pedigree HERE.

We are also strongly considering selling half-interest or a breeding-only interest in Carhartt to the right people and situation. We will honor any stud service commitments made before such a sale, but cannot guarantee how a sale will affect your options for arranging stud service afterwards.

Interested in breeding to Carhartt? Let us know — Click here!

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"Private treaty" means the terms vary according to the situation — the number of females involved, whether we can (and want to) breed to a stud you own during the same time period, who is going to deal with the bother of the actual breedings, who is going to deal with transportation, and other variables.

"Private treaty" does NOT mean "if you have to ask, you can't afford it." It means that in a world where true, working Classic llamas are scarce, genetic backgrounds often too similar within a geographical region, and distances between farms significant, every situation is so different that a set pricing structure is not practical.

For individual breedings, we may require right-of-first-refusal to any resulting offspring.

For season breeding leases, we are usually most compelled to consider situations where we have the opportunity to add different and useful genetics to our own breeding herd, whether through a stud swap (mutual season breeding lease) or in trade for a individual llama we particularly like. (Warning — we are exceptionally picky due to limits on our time and space.)