The FINE Print

What comes standard with each of our llamas:

All of our llamas are microchipped in a safe location for your (and their) protection, and come with money-back guarantees appropriate to their purpose (packing, breeding stock, etc), and a fitted halter (unless you prefer to provide a suitable one).

All breeding stock is registered and has DNA on file with the ILR. Nonbreeding male llamas will have been castrated prior to sale.

All of our llamas are sold with full disclosure of personal history, known history of relatives and ancestors, and known (for nonbreeding animals only, obviously!) or suspected genetic defects.

All of our llamas come with a compatability guarantee — if they don't get along with you or your current llamas, inform us within 30 days and we'll take them (and their "gear") back for a full refund (minus transportation expenses if we incurred any, and a rental fee if you were using them for packing during that time).

All llamas that were born here may return to Lost Creek Llamas for their retirement years. (Llamas that we resold and long-time companions to those llamas who are returning here for retirement will be considered on a case-by-case basis.) Buyers who return happy, well-cared-for retiree llamas to us will be given priority choice for purchasing replacement packers.


What comes standard with our pack llamas:

Pack llamas who have reached any stage in their training where they are carrying significant weight are priced and sold with a fitted pack saddle (Flaming Star) unless the buyer already has one (llamas whose training is not finished are not priced with saddles but can be packaged with a saddle or pack system at an additional cost). You'll have the options of:

• purchasing the panniers of your choice (not everyone's needs are the same — that's why we don't just include them outright)
• purchasing a used set (if we have them on hand),
• using your own if they are compatible, or
• making your own.

Pack llamas also are guaranteed for a individualized period of time to allow you to fully assess their capabilities. (Example: if you purchase after your packing season ends or during the winter, the guarantee period would be adjusted to include an appropriate amont of the following year's packing season.)



• Registration is available for any non-breeding llama at cost.

• If the llama has earned titles, awards, or certificates, those will accompany the llama upon request.

• At buyer option, we retain ILR registration on nonbreeder females OR have the registration changed to "nonbreeder" status at time of transfer.

• We may be able to provide transportation for an additional cost, depending on buyer location, prior commitments, and other variables.


For all llamas:

• Guarantees are valid only if llamas are returned in full soundness and health.

• We reserve the right to reduce the refund of any pack llama's purchase price by the amount of a typical rental fee.

• Transportation costs will not be refunded.

• Llamas may not be resold, transferred or given away. Lost Creek Llamas will resume legal ownership (and issue a prorated refund, when applicable) for any llama we sell that the buyer no longer wants.

• We reserve the right to refuse to sell llamas to anyone.

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