Spaying Female Llamas

Changed times

When private ownership of llamas in North America exploded, the idea of spaying a female llama was unthinkable — back then, the only reason to own a reproductively capable (and by definition, expensive) female was to make more llamas as fast as possible.

Today, female llamas are no longer seen exclusively as walking incubators, but instead more and more are owned and used just for being the llamas that they are, doing everything that llamas do and doing it well.

Female llamas are also increasingly intentionally chosen as both companions and working llamas for their more social, interactive outlook when not pregnant.

So instead of intending to keep their females at arm's length and pregnant, many new llama owners have no intentions of breeding their females, or only intend to raise one or two crias from their very best female to keep as understudies and eventual replacements. This inevitable and welcome change of emphasis has also changed views on spaying.

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